Forward Thinking. 
Searching for Solutions.

We are exploring options for a long term solution to our communities water issues.

Who We Are

My family moved to Sunizona in 1990. My well was drilled in 1995, ran dry in 2018 and we currently haul water.
Lisa Boone
My husband and I are new to the community having moved here in 2019. We currently haul water as our property has no well.
Courtney Adcock
I bought my property here in 1983 and built my house. I have taught at Ash Creek School and lived here full time since 1988. I had to deepen my well several years ago.
Laura Lind
I was raised south of Willcox in the Kansas Settlement area and have lived in the Sunizona area since 2015.
John Shaver
We purchased our property in 1982. Moved on it in 1998. We put our well in in 1983. Our well went dry in 2013. We currently haul water.
Brenda Whittaker

What We Are Doing

Volunteering our time and energy to begin the process of researching the possibilities of forming some type of water organization (district or nonprofit).  There are no connections to politicians or businesses.  We are following guidelines given to us by Cochise County and the USDA Rural Development (provides funding for utilities).

The first step is to find out how many community members are interested in having a local water system before any cost or feasibility can be determined. 


We have personally experienced water issues with water levels dropping and wells drying up and we know this is an issue for many community members.  Benefits of a community water system could include decreases in home insurance, increases in property value as well as assurance of a steady water supply.


Once the approval of local property owners is obtained, the next step in the process is to do a preliminary engineering report/feasibility study (PER). The USDA has a program to grant up to $30,000 for the PER.


The planned area encompasses both sides of Highway 181 (including several miles south and north) from Highway 191 to Price Ranch Road.   The system details (wells, pipelines, capacity) would be addressed in the PER/feasibility study. 


If enough community members are interested in a water system, we can schedule a public meeting for further discussion and input from experts.  We are just trying to find a long-term solution for an issue many of us are dealing with, so our discussions will be focused on solutions, not speculations of the dairy, climate change, mega-farming, God or politics! 

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